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RELONAT is a privately owned, truly bilingual Canadian company, dedicated to managing workforce mobility programs.


For over 30 years, RELONAT’s core business has been the management of corporate relocation programs for businesses – offering fully outsourced or stand-alone solutions.  Simply put: we provide seamless solutions to the challenges that businesses face when transferring their people within North America and around the globe.


In addition to overseeing relocation programs, we manage foreclosed properties and administer mortgage referral programs for financial institutions. We also extend our services to individuals relocating without the assistance of a corporation. 


RELONAT combines the knowledge and experience of our staff and the quality of our supplier networks, technology and range of service offerings to ensure your relocating employees a smooth transition while keeping costs to a minimum. Our loyal client base and our results speak for themselves. Our Testimonials speak for us.

Our people are successful, empowered and autonomous and take care of ‘their’ transferees with the utmost professionalism, passion and innovation. Despite our growth, we have been able to maintain our philosophy and business model ensuring easy, accessible, clear lines of internal communication, allowing us to continue to respond to requests and implement improvements almost immediately, ensuring a great client experience. 

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