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We value service excellence and continuously strive to improve business processes to guarantee client satisfaction and maximum cost-efficiency.

Exceptional Service: RELONAT is committed to providing clients and their relocating employees with exceptional service with experienced staff, a promise to deliver clear and concise communication, supported by competitive pricing, rapid turn-around times, technology and innovation. We have successfully managed business relocation programs for over 30 years and are proud that many of our original clients are still with us.

Experience: The relocation process is often complicated, tedious and stressful. RELONAT’s counsellors average over 15 years of industry experience and are very comfortable with the complexities of domestic and international mobility.  We realize the importance of assigning one counselor to deliver all services and guide the employee from the onset to the completion of the file.


Flexibility: We recognize that no single program fits the needs of all businesses. Whether you move one or hundreds of employees each year; whether you require fully outsourced or stand-alone assistance, or programs for permanent employees, new hires or assignments for domestic, cross-border or international purposes, RELONAT will tailor benefits and deliver them with expert guidance to suit your requirements.


Our Single point-of-contact philosophy: The relocation process is so complex that Human Resource managers crave the comfort of knowing their employees are being guided by a single Relocation Counsellor.  Our staff is composed of bilingual and highly experienced professionals.  A single Relocation Counsellor gets to know each transferring family and becomes a trusted advisor and resource from start to finish of the family’s relocation.  A dedicated Account Manager oversees the ongoing management of the relocation portfolio and makes recommendations based on industry trends, best practice and cost saving program enhancements.


Structure: In keeping with our ‘boutique’ service philosophy, our flat organizational structure and open door policy ensures clear lines of communication both internally and with our clients. It allows us to respond to requests and implement improvements almost immediately, leading to a more satisfying client experience. Our people, while strongly supported, have autonomy and ownership that is conducive to creativity, passion and innovation.


Bilingualism: As a Quebec-based corporation, RELONAT we are a truly bilingual organization, offering all materials and systems in both official languages.  Through partnerships with selected suppliers, we also offer assistance in languages other than English and French. RELONAT is the only bilingual full-service Canadian-owned company to offer a true single-point-of-contact.

Satisfaction: We offer our clients service-level agreements and satisfaction surveys that guarantee promised levels of service are reached and maintained. Our client and employee satisfaction survey results are testament to our commitment to exceeding your expectations.


Simplified billing: We ensure that all billing is 100% accurate and client-friendly.


Transparency in pricing: RELONAT invoices all direct expenses at actual cost with rebates and savings passed on to you. We do not gouge our suppliers with ‘technology’ or ‘network’ fees. What’s more RELONAT charges no interest on expenses before invoice due dates.


Open-broker policy: Relocating employees are welcome to work with a real-estate broker of their choice.


Access to a world-renowned real-estate network: Through our affiliation with RE/MAX, we offer global access to one of the largest real-estate networks in the world.


Security and service integrity: We take the privacy of personal information very seriously. Our business-continuity and security plans ensure that corporate and employee data is always protected.


Supplier management:  We work with a network selected purely on the basis of superior performance and carefully monitor each of our suppliers with service-level agreements to ensure the highest standards are met on an ongoing basis.



You can count on the knowledge and experience of our staff combined with the quality of our supplier networks, technology and range of service offerings to ensure your relocating employees a smooth transition while keeping costs to a minimum.

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