A newcomer to Ontario who holds a driver’s licence from another province or country is required to apply for an Ontario driver’s licence within 60 days of taking up residence in the province.

Minimum Requirements for Drivers’ Licence

The minimum requirements for obtaining a driver’s licence in Ontario are:

  • You must be 16 years of age to be eligible

  • You must present acceptable ID at the time of your application.

  • You must meet medical requirements

  • You must pay the applicable fees. (Fees are subject to change without notice.)

  • You must pass a vision test

  • You may have to pass a knowledge test, and a road test(s)

License Classes

There are 15 different licence classes in Ontario. Each one qualifies you to drive a certain type of vehicle.  The standard licence is called a Class G which allows you to drive any car, van or small truck.

The application process for newcomers to Ontario varies depending on:

  • Your place of origin

  • The type of licence you currently have

  • The documentation and/or identification you have

  • The number of years of experience you have driving

New Drivers

If you do not currently have a drivers licence, as a new driver in Ontario, you will need to complete the Graduated Licensing program. This can take approximately 20 to 24 months complete.  For detailed information on the graduated licensing program and the steps you will need to take, please visit:  Class G Licenses




*Fees subject to change

G1 licence – includes knowledge test, G2 road test and five year licence fee $158.25

Knowledge Test $15.75

Five Year Licence $90.00

Class G2 Road Test $52.50


You must visit a DriveTest Driver Examination Centre in order to exchange your out-of-province licence. To determine the most convenient location for you, please visit: DriveTest Examination Centres

A Few Important Driving Laws:

  • Canadians drive on the right side of the road.

  • Drinking and driving is dangerous and against the law. There are serious penalties if you are caught.

  • Right turns are allowed at red lights unless otherwise noted.

  • The speed limit is posted on the right side of the road and shows the maximum speed in kilometers. The typical speed for city streets is 50 km, 40 km in school zones and 100 km on highways.

  • Wearing of seatbelts is mandatory.

  • Do NOT pass a school bus with flashing lights.

  • If you see an ambulance, fire truck or police car approaching with their lights flashing, reduce your speed or completely pull off the road to the right and stop.

  • Children under the age of 8 MUST be seated in a properly fit car seat for the child’s weight and age. For details on the requirements for your child please visit

  • The use of all cellular and handheld devices is prohibited while driving. Hands free devices are allowed. Effective January 2019, Ontario’s new distracted driving laws will carry a hefty fine, licence suspension and demerit points. The severity of the punishment increases with the number of subsequent offences committed.

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